Bandhan Jewels

The Gems and Jewellery industry is gradually evolving and changing with the changing times. Over the last two years there have been series of dramatic political and social changes within the country resulting in a clear shift within the industry.

As per the recent Mackenzie Report, there are two big shifts which are likely to happen over the next 3 to 5 years in the jewellery industry worldwide:

  1. Consolidating at the top: Large jewellery chains will grow bigger due to increasing trust of customers, large product range, greater marketing muscle, national/regional presence and exceptional service practices.
  2. Consumers have become more demanding: With the advent of the technology era especially online shopping, consumers have become more aware of brands and various offers. They research about the brands, the services they offer and the consumer reviews online before buying jewellery.

The above to shifts can already be seen aslarge retail chain jewellery stores and their ecommerce portals have started to penetrate urban and semi-urban markets in India and as a result the small and medium size jewellers have been hit hard. Their sales have been impacted as big brand stores have both – a greater variety of jewellery and a huge marketing budget to lure away customers. This has put the small & medium jewellery outlets into a major identity crisis.

There has been no retail organization that was collaborating with mid-sized jewellers and supporting them in their endeavour of building a long term sustainable and profitable jewellery business. Bandhan Jewels was created because we realized that there was a gap in the market.

Led by a team of enterprising entrepreneurs and jewellery industry stalwarts, Bandhan Jewels is a multi-brand retail platform. It’s a retail partnership programme which is based on a concept like Oyo rooms, Ola/Uber etc. where it’s a service platform provided by bunch of professionals who understand the industry very well.

Bandhan Jewels intends to give support to the jewellery retailers by inviting them to be retail partners with them. When united under a same brand, jewellers can compete with big brand stores. Bandhan Jewels’ differentiating factor is that they have a slew of brands that are sold under one roof with all possible generic jewellery under gold, diamond & platinum sold in the Indian market. This help the small & medium jewellery outlets to be a part of perceived retail jewellery chain.

Our brand portfolio contains Being Human Jewellery, Australian Diamonds by Rio Tinto, Kisna Diamonds, and Bandhan Jewels Generic.

Bandhan Jewels will create a comprehensive and centralized organization that will take care of branding, advertisement, sales promotion, visual merchandising, staff training & technological support to all the retail partners associated with us.

This would enable our retail partners to focus their time and energy on focusing on sales and managing customer relations to increase profitability and performance of their stores.

Want to join the jewellery revolution with Bandhan Jewels? Contact us at +919930461609/02249715210 to partner with us!