Create unimaginable designs at Free Jewelry Design Workshop at GSI Knowledge Centre

E-Invites_Discover your creative expression through the use of practical techniques on a jewelry designing short workshop at GSI Knowledge center, suitable for complete beginners to advanced practitioners. Taught by the expert tutor, Mr. Raja Gondkar—Education Head at GSI, the workshop will be conducted at GSI Knowledge Centre starting at 9.30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on 7th of April. The workshop will be an introduction to five level courses being offered at GSI.

Sketching is the primary stage for designing any jewelry. Being able to draw your own jewelry design sketch may be extremely straightforward in many situations. If you’re planning to start your own hand-made jewelry line, being your own designer will allow you to differ from others.  To draw your own ideas on a piece of paper is something very useful. Learn simple sketching techniques to make your own designs including different shapes and forms.

This workshop will focus on how to use drawing as means of expressing an individual’s creativity.   In jewelry, there are other ways of creating which do not stem directly from working in the studio. The most important of these is drawing and sketching, an extremely useful tool for jewelers due to its speed and adaptability. Mastering this tool can be a great resource that can help jewelers to progress easily and steadily in designing jewelry and presenting their ideas and projects. Drawing allows creative ideas to be clearly visualized; on paper, the form or proportions of the jewelry can be modified quickly and confidently. It can also be used to visualize how a design will look with a polished or matt finish or with other changes such as different materials. This manual can be read from cover to cover or consulted when facing challenges in real projects.

Mr. Raja Gondkar, is here to answer all your queries. He is an industry veteran in design arena has been active for over 30 years in the sphere of art & design. His career spans across various creative domains like jewelry, advertising graphics, product design. Mr. Raja is a professional trained and appointed by DeCTA Consulting, from UK. Mr. Raja Gondkar, had been instrumental in setting-up the department of Jewellery Design & Manufacture (JDM) at SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai.

Participants can create necklaces and bracelets and leave with a least one finished piece. We’ll provide tools and materials. You bring your creativity.  These simple techniques will lead to endless possibilities.


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Enjoy a relaxing creative break at GSI Knowledge Centre, with snacks and mix with like-minded creative people.


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