GJEPC welcomes the Newly Elected Chairman and Vice Chairman for 2018-2020 Shri Pramod Kumar Agarwal elected as the Chairman of GJEPC Shri Colin Shah elected as the Vice Chairman

Pramod Agarwal and Colin Shah


The election results for the Chairmanship and Vice Chairmanship of GJEPC was announced today. Shri Pramod Kumar Agarwal has been elected as the Chairman and Shri Colin Shah has been elected as the Vice Chairman of GJEPC for the period of 2018 to 2020.


Thanking the industry and GJPEC members for electing him, the new GJEPC Chairman, Shri Pramod Kumar Agarwal said, “It is my proud privilege to be nominated and elected as Chairman of the very dynamic GJEPC. I am committed to bring in a favorable environment for the Indian gem & jewellery trade and business in the next 2 years tenure. My special emphasis would be on facilitating a definitive and stable taxation for Diamonds through Presumptive Taxation. Others would include reduction in GST Rates for cut and polished diamonds and withdrawal of GST on supply of Gold & Silver for export purposes. I would also work towards exploring New Resources for Rough Diamond and Coloured Gemstones while streamlining the existing supply.  I strongly believe that Generic Diamond and Diamond Jewellery Promotion is a must for the Industry to attain growth. It would be my sincere effort to work closely with the industry and the Govt. to bring in reforms that would provide Indian  G & J industry a competitive edge in the world market.”


“Currently, the industry is at a critical juncture, where it needs to be more organized and transparent in terms of doing business which would help it to achieve a more dynamic role in our economy. MSME sector of this industry has contributed immensely for the success of this industry, and it would be our responsibility to facilitate better infrastructure and affordable access to latest technology and enhance production in terms of quality and quantity at that level”, Mr. Pramod Agarwal added.


Vice Chairman Shri Colin Shah said, “First of all I would like to thank our industry members for giving me this opportunity to serve you. I believe that to achieve the next level of growth and to be competitive in the world market, the Indian gem and jewellery industry needs a complete transformation. For example, improved infrastructure by setting up Jewellery Parks across the country, modernize GJEPC education institutes by setting up Jewellery University. Also we should improve industry’s image with banks and the Govt. I will work towards bringing in policy reforms that are conducive for the trade and business”


Following  Regional Chairman are elected  un opposed, Western Region – Shri Ashok Gajera,  Gujarat Region  – Shri Dinesh Navadia , Rajasthan Region :Shri Nirmal Kumar Bardia, Eastern Region : Shri Prakash Chandra Pincha , Southern Region : Shri Mahendra Kumar Tayal. Shri Ashok Sheth was elected as the Regional Chairman for Delhi .


Following Members are elected in Diamond Panel :1.  Shri Manish Jivani, 2.  Shri Milan T Choksi, 3.  Shri Sanju S KothariDiamond Reserved Category elected un opposed: Shri Russell A Mehta

Silver Jewellery ( MSME) : unopposed Shri Rambabu Gupta ; Colour Gem Stone , unopposed Shri Vijay Kedia




Pramod Agarwal: Chairman

Mr. Pramod Agarwal has more than 30 years of experience in the gem & jewellery industry. He has worked as a Member of Committee of Administration in GJEPC for many years and was Regional Chairman of GJEPC –Rajasthan Region before getting elected as Chairman at National level. He has also looked after the GJEPC’s institute -Indian Institute of Gem and Jewellery, Jaipur for almost 5 years as its Chairman. Apart from this he was associated with other trade bodies like GJF, Jewellers Association, Jaipur. During his convenorship of the Jewellers Association Show – JAS.


Colin Shah: Vice Chairman

Mr. Colin Shah has served GJEPC as convener, Awards Sub-committee in the past. Colin Shah, Managing Director, Kama Schachter Jewelry Pvt. Ltd., established Kama Jewellery in the year 1996. What started off as a modest manufacturing set up has now grown into two state-of-the-art factories and a diamond office in Mumbai with sales offices in India and US. He is a visionary with an in-depth knowledge about the gem & jewellery industry.