GSI will Host a One –Day Workshop on Jewelry Design on 17th February

GSI, the worlds’ leading gemological organization will host a one day workshop on jewelry design at its Mumbai headquartered office in BKC.  The workshop will introduce basic components of Jewelry Designing and will help students design with simple yet effective tools.

GSI received a pragmatic success in its previous two workshops with student’s inquiry for the forthcoming workshop and GSI courses. The Jewelry Design workshop is designed where an apprentice designer will learn the basics and complexities of designing to do freehand sketch designs.  Through practical workshop, students are assisted to express their creativity by designing a portfolio of their own styles by basic sketches driving inspiration from any object.

“This workshop will give students access to learn basics of drafting, shading, designing and how to illustrate shapes and forms using several mediums.” said, Mr. Raja Gondkar, (Education Head)

This workshop is a part of the continuing community outreach and to get junior jewelry designers, Jewelry Entrepreneurs, Freelance Designer and students a better understanding of designing, and get students interested in full-fledged GSI courses.

FreeHand Design workshop III, will be conducted on 17th February from 9:30 AM to 2:30 A. M. at GSI Knowledge Centre, Trade Centre, 601-b, 6th Floor BKC. The workshop is free -cost.

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