IIG Hosts Exclusive Talk with Leading Diamond Expert and Founder, Rosy Blue, Mr Arunkumar Mehta

Mr Arunkumar Mehta, founder of Rosy Blue and Mr Rahul Desai - Managing D...

Mr Arunkumar Mehta, founder of Rosy Blue and Mr Rahul Desai – Managing Director (IIG)

The International Institute of Gemology (IIG) recently hosted a seminar by Mr Arunkumar Mehta, founder of Rosy Blue, one of the world’s leading diamantaires with a presence in 12 countries globally. Over the course of the talk, Mr Mehta shared valuable insights into the diamond industry in India. He explored the history of the industry, noting that when he started his company in 1960, at the age of 20, the industry in India was at its nascent stage. Today, there is great potential for the industry with India now being the largest diamond cutting and polishing centre in the world. Mr Mehta also offered his views on the manufacture of synthetic CVC diamonds, the future of De Beers, and the scope for online diamond trading.

To conclude the talk, Mr Mehta offered some important tips for those working or looking to establish themselves in India’s diamond industry. Likening it to a game of cricket, he noted that for the industry to flourish, it needed to have team players who brought various ideas and expertise.

“From having entered the diamond industry at the age of 17 to building one of the leading diamond companies of the world, Mr Mehta has contributed immensely to the gems and jewellery industry. We thank him for taking time out to share his expertise so generously and are certain that he will be an inspiration to all those who have joined us for this seminar,” expressed Mr Rahul Desai, Managing Director, IIG India, at the event.

About IIG

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