LDJS on a mammoth growth Spree!

 great concluding demand, “one show more…”

DE-77DE-33DE-236DE-372DE-477DE-588DE-595Lab Grown Diamond and Jewellery Promotion Council (LGDJPC) concluded the debut show of LDJS (International Labgrown Diamond Jewellery Show), the B2B expo, spread over 40,000 square feet in a world class air conditioned dome- Shaila Lawn, Near Mahananda Dairy, Opposite NESCO, Goregaon, Mumbai.

The debut show accommodated 70+ exhibitors who showcased a whole of the LGD range& they met a demand of product mix that was brought by visitors, traders & buyers! Accordingly the show hosted about 25,000 trade visitors, buyer & trade fraternity, who wished to cater their clientele and to foray the season ahead also visited the LDJS 2019 during the August 9 & up to 12, 2019.

Key players from Thailand, Somchai Phornchindark, President of the Gems, Jewelry & Precious Metal Confederation of Thailand, the inaugural personality & Atul Jogani, Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association (TGJTA), the Guest of Honour visited stall visit with their delegation members taken deep interest in LGD.

In his inaugural address Somchai said, “even if there is no authentic size of the LGD industry is known right now yet, the industry has a huge potential! This industry is growing by leaps and bounds! LDJS (International Lab-grown Diamond Jewellery Show) 2019 would be a catalyst to grow industry swiftly!”

At the occasion Atul Jogani said, “Compare to mined diamond this LGD is very economical & that that can inspire any normal budget to go with diamond studded jewellery. I think, reach of the LGD diamond would be a mass, now everybody, who aspire to wear diamond jewellery can buy & enjoy sparkle!”

De facto this show held at the right time! For the show the time slot remained, right time to update the inventory that was offered and catered for the season at latch &untill the Diwali & welcoming the New Year! No doubt many players were busy with visitors and surrounded with inquiries and product mix list in the dome of LDJS 2019.

Being an organiser it is being learned that major exhibitor’s appreciated the Debut Show, high-level of Satisfaction learned with visitors & footfalls! Overall exhibitors’ were satisfied with inquiries what they bag at the first attempt of the show! The assumed a good turnover in the debut LDJS 2019!

De facto LGD sellers need a more platform to educated buyer swiftly to explore the enormous potentials. They also believe, right with debut of the show, new era of fashion and luxury arrives! De facto the LGD is the best for fashion industry and trade, good product for fashion designer and sparkle lovers. Those who are aware of diamond jargon can understand that the LGD provides big table than the mined.

According to the CoA, Ritesh Shah of Altr & one of the key exhibitor said, from my point of view, the show remained better than expectation. Successfully the show met good footfalls of trade visitors. We are satisfied as a brand & offered transparency! The LGD category is likely to grow like a wild fire because of its’ affordability as a category for all!

On the back of great concluding feedback, the organiser-LGDJPC reacted swiftly with the success note & enthusiasm of the exhibitors, where virtually every player was ready to join LDJS next and Chairman Shashikant Dalichand Shah, at the occasion of concluding of the show announced the date next for the second edition of LDJS to be held during December 2019 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai!

A the occasion Sanjay Kothari, Chairman-GJSCI said, “this is a good segment & I am convinced that LGD would occupy its’ own market place!” By expressing his vote of thanks, Convener of the LDJS 2019 Rajesh Bajaj said: “The next LDJS to be held very soon.

He expressed his gratitude to all supporters & also acknowledged the august presence of Mehul Shah, Vice Chairman-BDB, Gem & Jewelery industry & trade icon Sanjay Kothari, Ex Chairman-GJEPC, Mr Chris of De beers Group, Rajesh Lakhani of Kiran Gems, Dilip Mehta Rosy blue Group, Veteran diamond professional & Ex-key player De Beers India, Prasad Kapre, Deepak Bhatia, Delegation of Martin Rapaport Team-India, Sameer Gupta, DeBeers India, Rajendra Jain MD Brand Swarovski, India, Istanbul trade delegation, Thai trade delegation, UBM Asia Team, Trade delegation of Brand Preciosa & key officials & political players including MPs, MLAs, and municipal corporation members.