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Started Since 1991, Diamond Digest Reaching near the doorsteps of  two decades’ graceful journey

On  the happy and histroic occasion of reaching towards two decades graceful journey, I wish on behalf of Diamond Digest, all of you a hearty greetings and feliciations. This will be a milestone event and hence there are mixed emotions. I must admit them I am overwhelmed with feelings of pride and prestige, nourish a sense of accomplishment. At this juncture, we all alognwith our esteemed  readers and well wishers to take note of the successful years that have gone by, assess current performance and set a direction for the future.

Incepted since 1990, Diamond Digest has steadily treaded the path of sustainability, with the purpose of providing affordable and innovative informations, news and views  to all along the journey as we gained fresh perspectives and have always been committed to the Daimond and Jewellery Community that supports us by many ways.

Two decades ago when our industry was in need for a unbiased and balanced magazine in their own mothertounge as well as in English, we endavoured to publish Diamond Digest according to the need of the hour. I am thankful enough to all those who have help, in any major, big or small to shape the destiny of your Diamond Digest. At this stage I do want to acknowledge the contribution of our prestigious  readers and advertisers.

Since the world’s communication got equipped with new technology, we have also decided to render infirmation quickly through network and hence  we are comming out with our innovative website.

Let me now turn to the future.  The world is passing through very difficult times. Indian diamond industry has had its share of difficulties but has weathered the storm better. The global economic  phenomena looks grim, with volatile financial and commodity markets and insecurity. Though our industry is relatively insulated from these uncertainties, we cannot be oblivious of the environment.We should be alert to these challenges in our various marekts and businesses, and are focused on improving performance and enhancing operating efficiencies.

Over a period of time, our efforts were stepped up with the help of our publication to build long-term value for individuals and society as a whole. Today, we reaffirm our steadfastness towards sustainable development with collective action alongwith  various organizations, social institutions, academia  and in particular G and J industry. From this vantage point we look ahead to many milestones in sustainable relationship in the global Gem and Jewellery arena.

I look forward to continued support in the coming years. Together, we shall not only build a still more successful commerical relation but, even more importantly, build a more caring and healthier world. Let this be our promise to the future….. 

DIAMOND DIGEST, A Unique Magazine where trust is a tradition.

A Unique Bimonthly, Bi-lingual Magazine for Diamond & Jewellery industry and trade published in Gujarati and English Since 1991.

It deals with various global aspects of the Diamond and Jewellery Trade/Industry like trading, Export-Import policies and procedures, state-of-the-art-machinery and haute couture designs of Jewellery.

Diamond Digest furnishes latest updates of global happenings related to diamond and Jewellery industry. It also features current reports from USA, Japan, Russia, Africa, Israel, Belgium, U.K., China, U.A.E., Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Australia & other centers.

Diamond Digest is already popular with the diamond/jewellery trade and industry in the principal diamond and jewellery centres and enjoys a readership of over one lac.

Being read by Exporters, Importers, Brokers, Traders, Diamond and Jewellery Manufacturers, Machinery/tools Manufacturers, Jewellery Institutions and Jewellery Designers, Diamond Digest is the right medium to spread your message across all the sections of Diamond and Jewellery Community.