Staggering Response to GSI Free Jewelry Design Workshop

GSI - 2DSC_0070

GSI - 1 DSC_0187GSI a leading gemological organization received a staggering response to its free jewelry design workshop conducted in Mumbai at GSI Knowledge Centre. The workshop was meticulously planned and executed by Mr. Raja Gondkar – Head GSI Education.  This workshop saw a crowd of all age groups. The workshop provided basic techniques of sketching with an array of materials from stencils to tools. The workshop is setting a benchmark in the industry for FreeHand Designs.

“Illustrating jewelry is one of the most fundamental stages introduced to students in all jewelry designing institutes. This sets the foundation for every designer to make the best possible resulting piece. At GSI, we are helping the students to ensure perfection in their creative efforts so that they stand a good chance to craft the end product.” said, Mr. Raja Gondkar.

“The jewelry design workshop had an incredible effect giving me access to opportunities that I would never have had otherwise thought. GSI Knowledge center is a wonderful outlet for learning and creativity; in addition, I am wedding planner myself and I gradually work on themes before planning for the wedding. The instructions provided by the tutor are encouraging and creates an unintimidating environment, where anyone can take on projects and design as per their imagination.  The value of creating simple indescribable designs is something I learned from this workshop.” said, Devika Desai, as student attendee. 

The workshop was attended by highly trained and qualified students who were overwhelmed by taking the exercise. The jewelry aficionados sketched designs of their own line with each one displaying a unique design.

This workshop could interest students or those who are interested in designs and would like to pursue a career in jewelry designing.