Yehuda group invented the new machine for detection of lab-grown diamonds


Dror_YehudaDror Yehuda

The Yehuda group was formed 65 Years ago by Mr. Ben Zion Yehuda and his son Mr. Zvi Yehuda.

Today the 3rd generation Mr. Roni Yehuda , Dror Yehuda and Yael Kingsburg Yehuda are running the different branches of the group.

The group operates offices and representatives worldwide with main offices in Tel Aviv, New York Belgium and representative in India.

The group is operating in the different parts of the diamond industry. The group deals with natural diamonds, rare fancy color diamonds, clarity enhanced diamonds and laboratory grown diamonds.

The Yehuda group is most famous for its activity in the technology of diamonds.

Mr. Zvi Yehuda’s inventions and breakthroughs have changed the diamond field in many aspects.

To state a few:

Mr. Zvi Yehuda invented the laser drilling of diamonds in the 1960s.

In 1977 he invented the rough diamond colorimeter. The Zvi Yehuda colorimeter determines the color of a rough diamond before its being cut. For over 4o years the colorimeter has no competition and is an essential tool for dealing in diamonds.

He invented the clarity enhancement process for diamonds (fracture filling) in 1982.This process that takes a diamond with a visible feather (gletz) and makes it invisible to the naked eye.

His last breakthrough is the inventing and manufacturing the Sherlock Holmes detector.The Sherlock detects CVD and HPHT lab grown diamonds.It is a portable, light weight ( 2Kg) , easy to use and very fast detector. It gives clear, colorful and consistently repeatable results.Anybody can learn how to operate in in a few minutes.

The Sherlock detects CVD and HPHT lab grown diamonds in loose single stones, in thin plastic parcels and mounted in jewelry.

It takes the same few seconds to check a single stone, a ring with 50 stones or a parcel with 100 stones.In a matter of seconds you will know that the parcel is “clean”.If it contains synthetic diamonds- we supply a small  tray that helps you separate them.

It is the best tool to take a parcel and clear it.

The accuracy of the Sherlock Holmes is unmatched. It is accurate and most importantly – it will repeat the results every time.

Mr. .Zvi Yehuda is 81 years old and is still active in the business.