Techno, a leading technology company focused on serving the diamond industry, announced the creation of their newest GemID identification instrument and accompanying storage system. The GemID machine is designed to provide absolute, completely unique identification of any diamond scanned into its system thereby offering consumers complete confidence that the diamond that they have purchased can be verified after handling by a third party.
GemID technology scans a diamond of any size or shape whether it is loose or mounted in a matter of seconds. It then identifies the unique digital signature of the diamond, like scanning its DNA, before the proprietary technology digitizes the information for universal storage of the encrypted data. Any other user of GemID technology can re-scan the diamond at any time and provide positive identification of the diamond.
The jewelry industry has been continually plagued by dishonest individuals who try to evade current certification and identification systems. The switching of laboratory certified diamonds or even stones of smaller size has haunted uncertain consumers. They want to be assured that their precious gemstones can always be verified as genuine and authentic. DRC Techno’s GemID instrument allows them to be confident that the diamond they buy today will be globally registered as their diamond.
For concerned consumers, retailers, laboratories or even insurers, DRC Techno’s GemID system can give them absolute assurance that their diamond is unique among all others. Unlike other systems, the technology is easy and fast to use without slowing customer transactions in the sales or service areas. GemID cost $4999 (USD) and comes with a comprehensive one-year warranty.
About DRC Techno:
Founded in 2012 as a not-for-profit research center in Surat, India, DRC Techno is dedicated to the development of gemological instruments for the diamond industry. With more than 850 high level diamond identification machines operating in 28 countries, the company has 24 hour a day support and U.S. based engineers to help their customers. Their focus is instruments that provide verified diamond identification, the positive identification of laboratory grown diamonds, and other diamond industry manufacturing and technical devices. DRC Techno is fully integrated and conducts its own research, development, manufacturing, and support.