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 A Real Indian Gem -
Ankit Gems
Surat, the country’s hub for diamond and precious stone manufacturing units, houses some true ‘gems’ in this industry. Ankit Gems Pvt. Ltd. is one such crown jewel with offices in Mumbai, Surat, Namibia, Hong Kong & Australia.
"A lot of hard work, planning and strategizing goes into achieving this goal" informs Arun Shah one of the founders of Ankit Gems. With a legacy of 45 years, the company has grown strength to strength, achieving several milestones along the way.
The younger generation plays a fundamental role in every key area of the business continuing Ankit Gems legacy further ahead.
Real Caretaker of employees: They opened their factories on April 27 2020 becoming one of the first few companies to reopen factories during the pandemic.Their company has about 1300 people and since they took all the necessary precautions while
re-opening. Company was fortunate to not have any casualties to Covid-19. Neither did they lay off any of their employees during this pandemic nor did they cut any salaries, even the salaries which were put on hold for some employees were released back to them, informs Arun Shah.
Despite having no business for nearly two months, the company has given Diwali bonus to its employees this year.
Business houses to function in a ‘green’ manner: Ankit Gems Pvt. Ltd. has bagged the IGBC Green Building award for two consecutive years and is raring to go for more. The company took several wellthought out steps to build an environment - friendly factory.
Ankit Gems factory based in Surat
Salient features of high-performance building
• Building is 31% more energy • It saves 32% water by installation of water-efficient plumbing fixtures and treats 100% of its waste water • Cumulatively, this accounts for a GHG reduction of 365 tons or 40,000 trees • A 520 kW on-site solar installation generates around 5,75,000 kWh/annum which is equivalent to reducing 480 tons of CO2e • Almost 75% of regularly occupied spaces receive natural daylight.
They have introduced avoiding wastage of any kind – material, time et al.
Not over leveraged in anyway: Ankit Gems has achieved all financial targets because they are not over leveraged in anyway. Ankit Gems is financially very sound. They have already achieved the same turnover as previous year and are looking forward to a more profitable close.
The factory is vertically integrated with space over 150,000 sq ft with it full working capacity of 3000 people.
Ankit Gems plans on continuously upgrading its technology and believes that by correctly using available options, the company can make further manufacturing gains.
Giving back to the society: Ankit Gems has always fulfilled its social responsibility by giving back to the society in the form of donations to prominent charitable causes ranging from Covid19 relief measures, GJNRF Fund, PMO’s relief funds for various purposes and more. They have been conducting blood donation camps, donating generously for providing food, water and care facilities for animals, and many more.
Ankit Gems Partners with De Beers Executive Vice President Paul Rowley
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