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 GIA India Organises Virtual Alumni Guest
Session with Industry Leader Manuj Goyal
The session witnessed huge participation on the topic ‘Disruptions - Are We Prepared?’
To engage GIA alumni through continuous networking as well as opportunities to interact with industry leaders, GIA India organised its third virtual alumni guest session – the first in 2021 – and witnessed great participation. The guest speaker was Manuj Goyal, Managing Director, Pink City India and Co-founder of Indology, who spoke on the topic, “Disruptions – Are We Prepared?”
Manuj Goyal GIA GG® Managing Director Pink City India and Co founder of Indology.
The session started with a quick introduction of Manuj Goyal by Sriram Natarajan, Managing Director of GIA India. A commerce graduate and a proud diploma holder of GIA Graduate Gemologist® (GIA GG®), Mr. Goyal is an industry veteran and a technology enthusiast.. In his presentation, Mr. Goyal discussed about various disruptions that change business models and how businesses can adapt to these evolving scenarios. He posed few interesting questions such as ‘where does disruption come from’, ‘what is shaping your thought process’, ‘what
could disappear in next 10 years’ and elucidated some ‘winning strategies’ with the help of many real-life examples.
“Disruptions are all around us with newer innovations and technologies emerging, resulting in modified consumer behaviour. It is important for jewellers and entrepreneurs in the gem and jewellery industry like us to learn, take advantage and thrive amidst disruptions,” said Manuj Goyal. “My experience with GIA alumni guest session was phenomenal. Being a GIA alumni myself, I feel proud to be engaged in passionate dialogue with these young professionals who are also GIA alumni. A GIA education is not just the key to world-class gemmological knowledge, but it also helps instill a sense of business ethics – and that I believe helps us stay strong in the face of disruptions, while chartering a new growth path for ourselves and the industry.”
“It was indeed a pleasure to attend GIA India Alumni Virtual Guest Session with Mr. Goyal and was one of the best sessions,” said Vikram Bhat, GIA Diamonds Graduate, AJP®, and Managing Director, Kiara Jewellery Private
  Vikram-Bhat GIA Diamonds Graduate AJP®
and Managing Director Kiara Jewellery Private Limited scaled
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