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 Limited. “Mr. Goyal shared some amazing insights and showcased the entrepreneurial spirit in many ways which were beyond our imagination. His pioneering approach and courage was indeed inspiring and I certainly look forward to more such delightful sessions. Great platform initiated by GIA India.”
“It was an honour to have an industry veteran like Mr. Goyal address the alumni network,” said Amish Turakhia, GIA Graduate Gemologist (GG®) and Managing Partner, R. Kirti & Co. “His macro view on ‘Disruptions’ is especially
Amish Turakhia GIA Graduate-Gemologist GG® and Managing Partner R. Kirti Co.
relevant during times like these where decisions can make or break businesses in the long run. His enthusiasm and optimism to handle and embrace change was inspiring and definitely offered food for thought to every individual who attended the session. A special thanks to Mr. Goyal for being so generous in sharing his insights and ideas. Thanking GIA India team for organising such incredible sessions like these that will significantly help all our alumni members to continuously evolve, professionally and personally!”
The GIA Alumni Association’s mission is to
reach, serve and engage GIA alumni through continuous networking; to encourage lifelong relationships and provide opportunities for continuing education. GIA has more than 135,000 alumni across 65 chapters worldwide. In 2020, GIA India conducted two virtual alumni guest sessions – first with Dr. Vinod Hayagriv, Managing Director and Director, C. Krishniah Chetty (CKC) Group of Jewellers and then with Dr. Wuyi Wang, Vice President of Research & Development, GIA. Both the guests discussed relevant topics and the sessions witnessed enthusiastic alumni participation from all parts of India.
“GIA India’s Virtual Alumni Guest Sessions such as this serve as a great platform for the alumni members to learn from the experts in their respective fields and also to connect with each other,” said Sriram Natarajan. “I am thankful to Mr. Goyal for sharing his insights with our alumni members on a subject that’s highly relevant in today’s times. I’d also encourage the GIA alumni network – particularly the India chapters – to stay connected and engaged with continued GIA’s continuing education seminars.”
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GIA India launches its first remote learning programme focused on jewellery designing. Business owners, working professionals and jewellery enthusiasts can now earn a professional GIA credential from the convenience of any location. The course, SWIFT Jewellery Design Course – Remote Learning, begins on June 28, 2021, and will help students understand the basic principles of jewellery design and composition. To learn more, visit design-course-remote-learning.
A 10-day programme, the SWIFT Jewellery Design Course – Remote Learning will be conducted in two batches – morning and afternoon, and every session will be 3.5 hours.
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